EPT™ for Grief

There is so much weight that comes with the death of a loved one. When my best friend died suddenly in a car accident, my eyes burned, my heart hurt, and I felt like I would never stop crying. The reason that it hurt so bad was because of how much love existed. Why is death such a burden for the living? Why do we feel like we have to suffer forever because of loss? The dead, certainly, don’t want us to suffer, and yet we do. It can feel impossible to forgive ourselves for not loving enough, making a mistake, missing something, saying the wrong thing, or not suffering enough.

EPT™ helps you get through the grief, feeling all the feelings, honoring the process, honoring the dead, and brings you back to life faster than you thought you could ever heal. Whether a loss recently occurred or you’ve been grieving for decades, EPT™ can help you finally let go and live the life you and your loved ones want you to live.

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