EPTworks: Broken Heart to Abundant Healing

I feel like everywhere I look someone is making a statement about what it means to be broken and what it means to be healed.

For those that have a broken heart whether it’s from a loss, trauma, instilled negative believe, violence… Whether the broken feeling is grief, anger, fear, low self-esteem, or disgust…

It’s not your fault.

No one can tell you how to heal.

No one can tell you when you’re done being angry or grieving.

You may never feel whole again.

It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling for however long you need to feel it.

You may not want to feel what you feel forever, but you also feel like you’re not honoring yourself or someone else if you choose to let it go (however that looks for you).

Then on the other side of brokenness is abundant healing. There is this movement that talks about how the universe is on your side. Everything and everyone is a learning opportunity. You are holy whole already. Follow your heart. You are living your best life now. Everyday is a miracle for you. The universe is always working in your favor. And on and on.

But I have to ask, “What about everything in between these two points?”

How do you get from brokenness to that abundant healing attitude?

Everyone knows it’s possible, they’ve seen miracles, they’ve heard stories, they’ve watched YouTube, they’ve heard motivational speakers, they’ve seen people in the same situation come out on top, and why not me? Why can’t I get that miracle?

This is the miracle of EPTworks.

It is the process of going from brokenness to abundant healing. It is a collaboration between two people: a willing helper, and someone who needs help. It is a process of discovering what is deep in our roots, holding us back, that sometimes we struggle to figure out on our own. It’s someone else having faith, so that you don’t have to (though you are certainly allowed to).

How can I tell you how to heal? How can I tell you what your journey from hurt to healing is? Well, as much as we all like to believe that we’re all a bunch of unique flowers that no one can possibly understand, at our core, our emotions are basically the same, and the process that people go through to heal is basically the same–and no one does it alone.

If you want to get that epiphany fast, and heal fast, without feeling like you’re being inauthentic or not honoring another person or yourself, or like humans are replaceable–forgiveness is the key.

But “fast” is totally relative, right? The process of challenge and growth never ends. Once one issue is tackled, there is always another one. And as long as we are wrestling with the first one, we’ll never get to the second one. And that second one is scary because it’s unknown.

Forgiveness. How does it link brokenness and healing? Forgiveness helps people to let go and to accept. Many think of forgiveness as simply letting go of a transgression against someone, and it is that. But it is also letting go of a limiting belief that keeps us trapped in an unhealthy relationship with ourselves, others, whole communities, or “God”.

That’s why in EPT we use the phrases over and over, “I forgive myself for believing…” and “I give myself permission to accept…”

I may struggle to forgive my dad for hurting me, but I can certainly forgive myself for believing the limiting beliefs placed on me because of that hurt. I may not want to accept hurt, but I can let go of my negative beliefs and accept that I am safe, loved, and whole in the present.

Letting go of limiting beliefs from obvious place or some dark unsearched corner of our history. We may not be able to actively forgive another person, but we can forgive ourselves for holding on to the negative beliefs that were instilled in us.

Then accepting the truth that we are loved, we are secure, we are cared for, we can do it!

We will forge ahead. We will follow our heart. We accept the truth that even when we feel like a part of ourselves has been taken, or lost, that we are holy whole with everything we need to heal and help others do the same.


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