What to Expect

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Emotional Polarity Technique is holistic emotional healthcare. EPT uses applied kinesiology (muscle testing), magnets, Chinese medicine, acupuncture points, tapping, affirmative statements, forgiveness, acceptance, fear release, and on and on. Each person has a unique story and your body tells the story. The collaboration of the EPT practitioner and the client work together to make sense of any emotional/relational challenge and create radical healing statements to change your brain permanently.

What makes EPT different from other forms of therapy?

  • You get to root issues FAST, and it makes so much sense. You make connections and have insights that you might never have ever figured out if you didn’t have someone to help you.
  • The practitioner guides you through the healing in the session with the words to change your negative beliefs. It’s like reverse talk therapy.
  • EPT practitioners will just say to you what your therapist might know, but thinks you need to figure out on your own.
  • While counseling education is helpful, and I do have that education (Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Pastoral Care and Counseling), practitioners do not have to be trained as a social worker, or counselor, or anything to do this work and help people and make a huge difference in their lives.
  • It’s a very structured and universal approach for any age or issue.
  • Emotional Polarity Technique is miraculous. We don’t discount the miracles.

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