Blog Post: Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart

I think one of the biggest factors that helps people to heal is openness. It doesn’t matter what you seek, you have to be open to it arriving in any way. I was listening to Rob Bell on the Robcast Podcast talk about how “everyone is your teacher.” Meaning, there is always a way to learn and grow in every situation. Someone you don’t expect or don’t like might be giving you what you want, but you can’t hear it when you’re not open. So, it is important to think about places in your life where the door is closed. The answer is always “No.” And it is not because you have healthy boundaries (boundaries might be a good blog post…), but it is because your heart is closed, where you believe it is impossible. That is why I named my business Open Heart Counseling, to help people open their hearts, and for people who are ready to experience radical change with open hearts.

Please repeat each statement and breathe…

I forgive myself for believing (IFMFB) it’s my way or the highway. IFMFB my healing and change has to arrive in an expected way, the way I want. IFMFB being open and vulnerable is dangerous, and I won’t be protected. I forgive (whoever/others) for breaking my trust and closing my heart. I give others permission to forgive me when I do something that breaks their trust and closes their heart. I give myself permission to accept I can grow, I can #heal, I can be open, and being open is the only way healing, grace, happiness, forgiveness can come in. I love and accept myself even when I’m afraid being open will just hurt me again. Without my closed heart, I am free to receive God’s gift of healing, even if it is delivered in unexpected or un-liked packaging.

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