Blog Post: I am Free to Love with Abandon

Why don’t I trust?

Because I’ll get hurt (or I have been hurt). Because I’ll fail. Because others have failed me. Because things never work out for me. So much of our lives depend on trust. We have to trust that our car starts, that our body is working, that the trash pick up will come, that our spouse loves us, or that there is something greater beyond ourselves that loves us. Trust may come easier in our lives depending on the situation, and broken trust is a terrible feeling. Today I want to build trust in God’s love, care, and guidance in my life. Who doesn’t need more of that?

Repeat each statement below and breathe…

I forgive myself for believing that I have the power to do things by myself. IFMFB that I stay safe and protected and am successful without God’s daily gift giving. IFMFB that being a skeptic without trust, I am ultimately protecting myself from hurt. IFMFB that things never work out for me, why bother? I forgive others who have broken my trust in the past. I give others permission to forgive me when I break their trust by holding back God’s love and the gifts that I have been given. I give myself permission to accept the things I cannot change. I give myself permission to accept that trust, love, and risk are worth it, even when it hurts. I give myself permission to use the gifts that God has giving me with trust. I give myself permission not to be taken advantage of and to have boundaries when needed because God is the ultimate healer–not me. I am grateful for God’s love and grace and protection. Without my feelings of autonomy, I am free to trust in the one who works for the good of humanity. Without my feelings of distrust, I am free to take risks that are good for me. Without my feelings of distrust, I am free to fail and be rejected and hurt, and know that God’s grace will get me through. Without my feelings of distrust, I no longer blame God for failure or hurt. With my new trust, I am free to love with abandon, and know that no matter what happens, the good was worth it.

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